Doctor Who auf Deutsch, literally Doctor Who in German, was an audio series from Big Finish Productions. The series consisted of German dubbing of The Tenth Doctor Adventures, and starred Axel Malzacher as the Tenth Doctor, Kordula Leiße as Donna Noble and Maren Rainer as Rose Tyler.

The series was co-produced by Big Finish and Lübbe Audio. It differed from the English version of The Tenth Doctor Adventures in that it was available on download only, and all the covers used the Doctor Who logo introduced in 2018.

Stories Edit

# Title Author Doctor Featuring Released
1.1 Technophobie Matt Fitton 10th Donna 1 October 2018
1.2 Die Zeitdiebe Jenny Colgan Donna, Gully
1.3 Der Tod und die Königin James Goss Donna
2.1 Die Schändlichen Zaross John Dorney Rose, Jackie
2.2 Das Schwert der Ritterin Guy Adams Rose
2.3 Eiskalte Rache Matt Fitton Rose, Ice Warriors

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