Doctor Who at the BBC Volume 3 was the third release in the Doctor Who at the BBC series, featuring made-for-audio features/documentaries released by BBC Audio.

This release, narrated by Elizabeth Sladen, featured audio clips from TV and radio interviews and parodies of Doctor Who over the years, initially involving the original series, and later moving into the revival.

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Elisabeth Sladen steps into the TARDIS once again to present another instalment of drama, comedy and behind-the-scenes extracts from the many worlds of Doctor Who

Doctor Who at the BBC combs the avenues of Time and Space for significant spin-off moments from the much-loved TV and radio series. In an exclusive coup, this third volume features a rarely heard ten minute mini-drama starring Jon Pertwee and Elisabeth Sladen. Specially recorded for Glorious Goodwood in 1974, it has never been broadcast and features a host of familiar enemies — including the Daleks!

Elsewhere on this two-disk volume, the radio programme Wavelength meets the cast and production team of The Two Doctors; Nationwide investigates the work of the Radiophonics workshop in 1983; and a group of schoolchildren give their views on the series in Take Two from 1984. The Grumbleweeds enjoy their own exciting adventure in Dr Nobbut-Just; 'Ann Robinson' menaces the Doctor in Dead Ringers; and Jane Asher plays the Doctor's granddaughter in Whatever Happened to Susan Foreman?

Rare interview material includes Frank Bough's Nationwide encounter with fourth Doctor Tom Baker (plus Mary Tamm and Carole Ann Ford), Lalla Ward's appearance on Multi-coloured Swap Shop, and a mid-Eighties radio interview with Sarah Sutton. There are also features on the brand new Doctor Who, including comments from Russell T Davies and Christopher Eccleston, and even the seal of approval from Michael Grade...

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  • The News Quiz, BBC Radio 4, 9th January 2004
Featuring Simon Hoggart, Brian Perkins
  • PM, BBC Radio 4, 2nd July 2004
Featuring Carolyn Quinn, Sylvester McCoy
Featuring Jane Asher, James Grout, Andrew Sachs, June Barrie, Peter Woodthorpe, Eva Haddon. Written by Adrian Mourby and produced by Brian King
  • And Now the Good News, BBC 2, 20th November 1978
Featuring Richard Stilgoe
  • Nationwide, BBC 1, 22nd November 1978
Featuring Frank Bough, Carole Ann Ford, Mary Tamm, Tom Baker
  • Nationwide, BBC 1, 2nd April 1979
Featuring Vera Gilbert, Desmond Briscoe, Liz Parker, Roger Limb, Dick Mills
  • Wavelength (edited version), BBC Radio 4, 20th September 1984
Featuring Andy Peebles, Jackie Rowley, Gary Downie, Sarah Lee, Jan Wright, Tony Burroughs, Cathy Davies, Dick Mills, Peter Moffatt, Tim Raynham, John Stratton, Nicola Bryant, John Nathan-Turner. Produced by Sarah McNeill
  • The Grumbleweeds, BBC Radio 2, 17th December 1983
Written by Mike Craig and Ron McDonnell

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  • Personal appearance at Goodwood Races, Not broadcast, 1974
Featuring Elisabeth Sladen, Jon Pertwee, Dick Mills
  • Multi-coloured Swap Shop, BBC1, 29th December 1979
Featuring Noel Edmonds, Lalla Ward
  • Where Are They Now?, BBC1, 17th September 1980
Featuring David Jacobs, Ysanne Churchman
  • The Ed Doolan Show, BBC Radio WM, late 1984
Featuring Ed Doolan, Sarah Sutton, Malcolm Prince
  • Take Two, BBC1, 23 May 1984
Featuring Josephine Buchan, John Nathan-Turner, various schoolchildren
  • PM, BBC Radio 4, 2nd April 2004
Featuring Eddie Mair, Michael Grade
  • Dead Ringers, BBC Radio 4, 26th September 2003
Featuring Jon Culshaw, Jan Ravens, Phil Cornwell, Kevin Connelly Written by Tom Jamieson and Nev Fountain
  • Dead Ringers, BBC Radio 4, 3rd October 2003
Featuring Kevin Connelly, Jon Culshaw, Jan Ravens, Phil Cornwell. Written by Tom Jamieson and Nev Fountain
  • Dead Ringers, BBC Radio 4, 3rd October 2003
Featuring Kevin Connelly, Jon Culshaw, Jan Ravens, Phil Cornwell. Written by Tom Jamieson and Nev Fountain
  • Mathew Bannister, BBC Radio 5 Live, 29th April 2004
Featuring Mathew Banister, Tom Spilsbury
  • The Now Show, BBC Radio 4, 6th August 2004
Featuring and written by Mitch Benn
  • Phil Williams (standing in for Simon Mayo), BBC Radio 5 Live, 22nd November 2004
Featuring Ed Stourton, Clayton Hickman, Michael Grade, Christopher Eccleston, Alex Soul, Russell T Davies, Tim Collins

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