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Doctor Who at the BBC: A Legend Reborn was the 2010 instalment in BBC Audio's annual Doctor Who at the BBC CD documentaries featuring audio clips of radio and TV interviews and features relating to Doctor Who.

Publisher summary[]

In 2005, after sixteen years off-air, Doctor Who returned to BBC television - and soon became more popular than ever before. In this special anthology of clips and interviews, Elisabeth Sladen journeys back to the recent past to delve into the show's dazzling success.

With the help of extracts from radio programmes as diverse as Go For It, Jo Whiley, PM, Newsbeat and The Now Show, she explores the run-up to the launch of Series 1 and follows the programme's progress right up to 2009, with the announcement of the impending departure of David Tennant and the casting of Matt Smith as the 11th Doctor.

Featuring the voices of David Tennant, Catherine Tate, Billie Piper, Christopher Eccleston, Kylie Minogue, Freema Agyeman, Russell T Davies and many others, this is an absorbing retrospective look at how Doctor Who returned to our screens to capture the hearts of millions of fans.

Production credits[]

Track details[]

CD 1 track listings[]

  • Go 4 It, BBC Radio 4, 18th December 2007
Featuring Barney Harwood
  • Oneclick, BBC Radio 1, 15th March 2005
Featuring Bethan Elfyn, Julian Carey, Christopher Eccleston
  • Jo Whiley, BBC Radio 1, 24th March 2005
Featuring Jo Wiley, Christopher Eccleston, David Banks
  • PM, BBC Radio 4, 31st March 2005
Featuring Eddie Mair, Rob Broomby
  • Newsbeat, BBC Radio 1, 10th May 2005
Featuring Kev Geoghegan, Michelle Heaton
  • PM, BBC Radio 4, 1st August 2005
Featuring Eddie Mair, Wyre Davis, David Tennant, Anthony Wainer
  • Newsbeat, BBC Radio 1, 30th March 2006
Featuring Kev Geoghegan, David Tennant, Russell T Davies
  • Jo Wiley, BBC Radio 1, 13th April 2006
Featuring Jo Wiley, David Tennant
  • Simon Mayo, BBC Radio 5 Live, 15th December 2006
Featuring Simon Mayo, Peter Fincham
  • Jo Wiley Meets Doctor Who, BBC Radio 1, 25th December 2006
Featuring Jo Wiley, David Tennant, Michael Wisher
  • Go 4 It, BBC Radio 4, 18th December 2007
Featuring Barney Harwood, Peter McKinstry
  • Steve Wright, BBC Radio 2, 28th March 2007
Featuring Steve Wright, David Tennant

CD 2 track listings[]

  • Simon Mayo, BBC Radio 5 Live, 30th March 2007
Featuring Simon Mayo, Freema Agyeman
  • The Now Show, BBC Radio 2, 31st April 2007
Featuring Mitch Benn
  • Blackpool Illuminations, BBC Radio 2, 31st August 2007
Featuring Dale Winton, David Tennant, Nicholas Briggs
  • Newsbeat, BBC Radio 1, 19th December 2007
Featuring Georgina Bowman, Natalie Jameson, David Tennant, Russell T Davies
  • Re-Xamining Kylie, BBC Radio 2, 26th December 2007
Featuring David Tennant, Kylie Minogue
  • Chain Reaction, BBC Radio 4, 21st February 2008
Featuring Catherine Tate, David Tennant
  • PM BBC Radio 4, 20th December 2008
Featuring Eddie Mair, Shaun Ley, David Tennant, Catherine Tate
  • 6PM News, BBC Radio 4, 4th July 2008
Featuring Neal Sleet, Rebecca Jones, Russell T Davies, John Barrowman
  • Victoria Derbyshire, BBC Radio 5 Live, 18th December 2008
Featuring Victoria Derbyshire, Colin Patterson, Russell T Davies, David Tennant, David Morrissey, Veille Tshabalala, Dervla Kirwan, Nicholas Briggs
  • Jo Wiley, BBC Radio 1, 8th April 2009
Featuring Jo Wiley, David Tennant


  • This release resumed the documentary series after a two-year hiatus.
  • Like the previous release (Doctor Who at the BBC: The Tenth Doctor), A Legend Reborn focuses on the revival of the series, up to the casting of the Eleventh Doctor, Matt Smith.
  • Elisabeth Sladen returns to narrate the 2-CD release, which was originally scheduled for issue in November 2009 but later rescheduled to 21 January 2010.
  • The above is a listing of the tracks included in the January 2010 release.
  • Although the disc was issued on 21st January, BBC Audio was forced to immediately recall it due to clearance issues regarding some material. An edited version of the CD is now tentative scheduled for 11 February 2010. However, according to the Doctor Who News Page an unknown number of unedited copies were purchased on 21 January before the recall.[1]
  • Doctor Who at the BBC: The Tenth Doctor (2007) - narrated by Elisabeth Sladen

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