Doctor Who and the micro:bit was the first of a series of interactive Doctor Who television stories. It starred Peter Capaldi as the Twelfth Doctor.

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Earth is about to be destroyed, unless you can help the Doctor defeat the Daleks.

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UNIT has an incoming message from the Twelfth Doctor.

The TARDIS is in distress and the Doctor is sending a message to you, asking for your help. The Daleks have engineered a supernova that has damaged the TARDIS and is now heading towards Earth. Due to the damage, he doesn't know where he has materialised and need you to locate him.

UNIT message ends.


Incoming UNIT message from the Doctor.

The TARDIS is now repaired, congratulations from the Doctor. It is now time to stop a supernova. The Doctor needs you back in your micro:bits.

UNIT message ends.


New incoming UNIT message from the Doctor.

The supernova has been prevented, and the Daleks have been stopped. The Doctor congratulates you on your skills and admires what micro:bits are capable of doing. He thanks you again and is then off to pick up Nardole.

UNIT message ends.

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