Doctor Who and the Terror of the Autons was a novelisation of the 1971 television serial Terror of the Autons.

Publisher's summary[edit | edit source]

1975 Target Books edition[edit | edit source]

The evil Master leered at the Doctor, and triumphantly pointed out of the cabin window. The many-tentacled Nestene monster – spearhead of the second Auton invasion of the Earth – crouched beside the radio tower!

Part crab, part spider, part octopus, its single huge eye blazed with alien intelligence and deadly hatred...

Can the Doctor outwit his rival Time lord, the Master, and save the Earth from the Nestene horror?

Chapter titles[edit | edit source]

  1. The Terror Begins
  2. Sabotage at the Space Probe
  3. The Master Takes Over
  4. Death at the Plastics Factory
  5. The Killer Doll
  6. In the Hands of the Autons
  7. The Battle of the Forest
  8. The Killer Doll Attacks
  9. The Deadly Daffodils
  10. Prisoners of the Master
  11. The Final Assault
  12. The End of Round One

Deviations from televised story[edit | edit source]

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Writing and publishing notes[edit | edit source]

Additional cover images[edit | edit source]

British publication history[edit | edit source]

First publication:

  • Hardback
W.H. Allen & Co. Ltd. UK
  • Paperback


60p (UK)
1979 Target Books with a new cover by Alun Hood priced 60p (UK)

Editions published outside Britain[edit | edit source]

  • This book was to have also been published in the USA by Pinnacle Books in 1980 as a paperback edition, however when Lyle Stuart Inc secured the rights to distribute the Target Books in America the plan was shelved.[1]

 Audiobook[edit | edit source]

This Target Book was released as an audiobook on 8 July 2010 complete and unabridged by BBC Audio and read by Geoffrey Beevers.

The cover blurb and thumbnail illustrations were retained in the accompanying booklet with sleevenotes by David J. Howe. Music and sound effects by Simon Power.

Footnotes[edit | edit source]

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