Doctor Who and the Rocks from Venus was a TV Comic story featuring the Third Doctor, Liz Shaw and the Brigadier.

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The Third Doctor is asked to travel to Scotland with the Brigadier to investigate Professor Logan's claims that he had sent a spacecraft to Venus. The Doctor is given rock samples supposedly from Venus, but discovers they are fakes and that Logan was using the government funding to rebuild his ancestral castle. Logan captures the Doctor and traps him in a rocket which is set to crash land into Venus...

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  • This was the third and last TV Comic story to feature Liz Shaw.

Original print details Edit

(Publication with page count and closing captions)
  • TVC 970 (2 pages) Life on Venus? Read next week's thrilling instalment.
  • TVC 971 (2 pages) How does Dr. Who know? See next week.
  • TVC 972 (2 pages) What is Logan's plan? See next week.
  • TVC 973 (2 pages)
  • TVC 974 (2 pages) Alone in space! Read next week's thrilling story.
  • TVC 975 (2 pages) Which will be destroyed - the rocket of the castle? See next week.
  • TVC 976 (2 pages) Exciting new Dr. Who serial begins next week.

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