Doctor Who and the Dogs of Doom — or The Dogs of Doom — was a Fourth Doctor comic strip published in Doctor Who Weekly.

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Publication with page count and closing captions
  1. DWM 27 (5 pages) Next Week: Strike Hard! Strike Deep!
  2. DWM 28 (4 pages) Next Week: Death-Moon!
  3. DWM 29 (4 pages) Next Week: The Beast Inside!
  4. DWM 30 (4 pages) Next Issue: The Dalek Masters!
  5. DWM 31 (5 pages) Next Week: Alien Zoo!
  6. DWM 32 (4 pages) Next Week: Revolt of the Beasts!
  7. DWM 33 (4 pages) Next Week: Bye-Bye, Good Buddy?
  8. DWM 34 (4 pages) Next Issue: The Doctor, Sharon and K-9 Meet the... Time Witch!

Reprints Edit

  1. DW84 3-4 (Doctor Who (1984) colourised reprint)
  2. The Iron Legion
  3. DWC 6-7 (IDW colourised reprint)
  4. Doctor Who Classics Volume 2 (IDW colourised reprint)
  5. Doctor Who Classics Omnibus Volume 1 (IDW colourised reprint)

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