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Doctor Who and the Daleks in Seven Keys to Doomsday[1] was a stage play that originally ran in the period of transition between Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker on television, with in-theatre monitors showing pictures of Pertwee's face before Trevor Martin emerged as the newly regenerated Doctor. In its original run, it also featured Wendy Padbury as one of the companions, making her the first actor to ever play two different companions in BBC-licensed productions.

Decades after its original run, it was adapted for audio by Big Finish.


The Doctor and his two newest companions, Jenny and Jimmy, prevent the Daleks and their crab-like slaves, the Clawrantulars, finding the seven crystals of Karn which would enable them to control all life in the universe.




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Other productions[]

A licensed production of the play took place in New Zealand in 1984. Mounted at the Porirua Little Theatre, the production starred Michael Sagar as the Doctor, who was given a markedly different look from the original Trevor Martin portrayal, as he now sported a light-coloured chequered suit and a black moustache.[3]


  • The title used by this wiki, Doctor Who and the Daleks in Seven Keys to Doomsday, was not used universally. In promotional material, such as the poster, the story was titled Doctor Who and the Daleks: Seven Keys to Doomsday. It was only on theatre program that "in" was used in the title. [4]
  • When first planning the play, Terrance Dicks had hoped to get either Jon Pertwee or Tom Baker as the lead but they turned out to be unavailable for such a commitment.[5]
  • The play would begin with Trevor Martin walking on stage dressed as the Third Doctor (including a wig) before collapsing. Rear-projected screens would then show an image of Jon Pertwee's face slowly switching to an image of Trevor Martin's. Martin would dispose of his Pertwee collar and wig, and would emerge as a new incarnation (implicitly, the Fourth Doctor).
  • This made Trevor Martin the first actor to play two separate incarnations of the Doctor, as he portrayed both the Third and Fourth Doctors. Sylvester McCoy would later do something similar, as he played the Sixth and Seventh Doctors during his first scene in the Doctor Who television show.
  • At the start of the play, Jenny and Jimmy have been sitting in the audience, and would only rush to the play after the "Pertwee Doctor" collapses.
  • The main setting for this stage play was the planet Karn; Terrence Dicks reused the name of this planet in The Brain of Morbius.
  • Martin grew his hair long to play the Doctor, giving him an "effeminate" appearance on which he blamed multiple incidents in which he was harassed by gangs of youths on the Tube.[6]