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Since the premiere of TV: An Unearthly Child in 1963, many stories have been printed with an introduction statement resembling Doctor Who and... On this page, these stories are shown in order of release.

Titles such as these have often resulted from the desire to connect the title of the series or the name of the protagonist to the title of the story, with the stylisation used by franchises such as Indiana Jones and Harry Potter.

Almost every story from the first seven seasons of Doctor Who had an internal production title of Doctor Who and ..., but Doctor Who and the Silurians was the only time that such a title made it to the official broadcast, when a graphics technician copied the title directly from the script. Following this incident, Barry Letts ordered that "Doctor Who and ..." be discontinued as a behind-the-scenes practice. (DCOM: Doctor Who and the Silurians)

This stylisation since fallen out of style, likely due to the controversy in suggesting that Doctor Who is the character's name, but has been used by some in more recent years as tribute.

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Similar titles have been created in a similar style, but using a name besides "Doctor Who". This is usually done as a tribute to the "Doctor Who and the" format or to the similar format used by other franchises, such as Indiana Jones.

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