The Doctor Who Yearbook 1996 was the fifth and final of Marvel UK's Doctor Who annuals.

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  • This was the last of five Yearbooks published by Marvel Comics, UK publishers of Doctor Who Magazine which continued the Doctor Who Annual tradition first established by World Distributors and revived in 2005.
  • Aimed at the Christmas market. The year stated on the cover (or else used to identify an Annual or Yearbook) is the following year (e.g. the 1993 Annual was published in 1992).
  • The publication of the Yearbook also offered a "holiday special" to readers of the monthly magazine title, who were also rewarded by the comic strip stories in this yearbook. Both were sequels to early popular strips in the magazine.
  • This yearbook broke with the usual mix and included a two-page per season guide to the Doctor Who television series 1-26 along with spin-offs including K9 and Company.
  • The price increase this year to £5.50 was matched by the page count increase to 96.
  • Valley of the Lost was an unmade Doctor Who story written by former producer Philip Hinchcliffe, retold here by Austen Atkinson-Broadbelt.
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