The Doctor Who Yearbook 1995 was the fourth of Marvel UK's Doctor Who annuals.

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Prose stories[edit | edit source]

(Illustrated by Alistair Hughes)
(Illustrated by Brian Hudd)
(Illustrated by Phil Bevan)
(No illustration but a photo of Cyrian in the Rani's TARDIS)
(Illustrated by Paul Vyse)
(Illustrated by Alan Morton)
(Illustrated by Phil Bevan)
(Illustrated by Adrian Salmon)

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Additional notes[edit | edit source]

  • This was the fourth of five Yearbooks published by Marvel Comics, UK publishers of Doctor Who Magazine, which continued the Doctor Who Annual tradition first established by World Distributors.
  • Aimed at the Christmas market the year stated on the cover, (or else used to identify an Annual or Yearbook), announces the next year (i.e. the 1993 Annual was published in 1992).
  • The publication of the Yearbook also offered a "holiday special" to readers of the monthly magazine title.
  • Original retail price was £4.50.
  • On the contents page the text story One Last Try is listed as One Last Chance.
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