The Doctor Who Yearbook 1992 was the first of Marvel UK's Doctor Who annuals, and the first annual by any publisher to focus on more than one incarnation of the Doctor since the 1982 annual. Some fans, such as those in charge of the Doctor Who Reference Guide, erroneously refer to this as the 1991 Yearbook, since it was published in 1991 and has no clear cover markings as to its date.

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All stories in this volume were Brief Encounters, illustrated by Paul Vyse:

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Additional notes[edit | edit source]

  • This was the first of five Yearbooks from the publishers of Doctor Who Magazine and did not have a year date on the cover.
  • A good working relationship had been forged over the years between the Magazine (whose editor at the time was John Freeman), and the then producer of the television series, John Nathan-Turner. After World Distributors decided not to renew their license to publish a Doctor Who Annual, the license was picked some years later by Marvel Comics UK.
  • The "Annual" title was dropped in favour of "Yearbook" in an attempt to clearly distinguish this publication from earlier published titles. Like the Annuals, the Yearbooks offered a mix of articles, new fiction, and comic strip material, but of a significantly higher quality, and relevance to the parent television series.
  • The Yearbook also offered a holiday special to readers of the monthly magazine title.
  • "The Brief Encounters" fiction was an occasional strand of new fiction short stories which ran in Doctor Who Magazine. It featured characters that had met the Doctor.
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