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Your friends
If you're going to watch the 2021 series of Doctor Who, you need to be prepared to make some new friends. Because this year, the adventure of travel in time and space is all about the value of friendship. Here's who's on board for the journey:
Your crew
It's easy to get into Doctor Who this year! Not only is it a single, six-part adventure, but a variety of crew members have returned to keep the TARDIS on course! We Doctor Who fans are unusually attached to the people who make their favourite programme, so you might as well get to know the crew -- along with us!
How to Doctor Who

Intimidated by the long history of Doctor Who? Don't be. Just jump right in at this year's first story and enjoy it as a brand new show. These four concepts are probably all you'll actually need.

But if you get curious about the rest, take a look here at some specially-designed landing pages that'll help you get accustomed to the worlds of Doctor Who. Slowly. One bite at a time.
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Doctor Who is a "family franchise", which means there's something in it for all ages.
It does not mean that all content is appropriate for all ages.

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There's more than just TV

You can certainly choose to enjoy Doctor Who as purely a television series. But did you know that there are far more stories told in the comic and audio form than exist in the whole television catalogue? Luckily, there's no such thing as canon in this fandom. So you can enjoy exactly the kind of Doctor Who you prefer. And we'll be here to cover it all!

From our friends at BBC America
Running from the Black Guardian?
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Try out a random article from the Tardis Wiki! Like the Fourth Doctor's randomiser, this will take you anywhere in time and space... mostly Earth in the 20th or 21st centuries. Who knows what you'll find?

Listen to the Doctor and friends!
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The Fourth Doctor Adventures is a range of full-cast audios with Tom Baker reprising the role of the Fourth Doctor. It revisits various periods of Tom Baker's era, featuring, at different times, Leela, Romana and K9, voiced by Louise Jameson, Mary Tamm / Lalla Ward and John Leeson respectively, all reprising their roles from the television series.

Stripped for Action!
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The Weeping Angels of Mons was a story from Titan's Tenth Doctor range that finds the Tenth Doctor and his companion Gabby Gonzalez facing off against Weeping Angels during World War I. It was released during the centenary of the "war to end all wars".