The Doctor Who Video Explorer was an umbrella title used by the Doctor Who website to offer webcast documentaries related to series 5. It debuted in the last week of March 2010. Its structure was similar to the Adventure Calendar feature; content was progressively unlocked as the debut of an episode on BBC One approached. Unlike the Adventure Calendar, its content was devoted exclusively to explaining how various personnel impacted the production of the opening sequence of The Eleventh Hour. The Video Explorer was created by digital design company magneticNorth (mN).

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The first and only series of this title contained a series of short documentaries, no longer than about two minutes each, which were made available for the week leading up to the broadcast of The Eleventh Hour.

Episode related to Documentary subject Originally available
The Eleventh Hour Dan May on the pre-visualisation of the opening scene 27 March 2010
Steven Moffat discusses writing the opening scene
James Swanson on aerial photography in the opening scene
Nikki Wilson on producing the opening scene 30 March 2010
Adam Smith on directing the opening scene 31 March 2010
Barney Curnow on visual effects of the opening scene 1 April 2010
Tim Ricketts on sound dub of the opening scene 2 April 2010
Gordon Seed on being Matt Smith's stunt double 3 April 2010
Danny Hargreaves on practical effects
Paul Jefferies on sound effects editing
Matt Smith explains his role in the opening scene

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