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Doctor Who Up Close in Land's End was one of numerous exhibitions under the "Doctor Who Up Close" title. The exhibitions were staged at several locations throughout the United Kingdom.

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This exhibit contained numerous props and costumes, primarily from the first three series of the BBC Wales produced series. The props and costumes represented at this exhibition were of aliens such as:

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  • The entrance to this exhibit was through a large Police Box painted onto the wall of one of the buildings, in a similar vein to the Doctor Who Exhibition at Longleat.
    DW Up CloseLands End - Dalek2

    Dalek under-eye stalk marking

  • Other Doctor Who Up Close exhibitions included; Cardiff Bay, Spaceport Merseyside, MOSI Manchester, Earls Court.[1]
  • The Dalek that appears at this exhibition has different markings under the eye stalk to those that have appeared in the series.

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