The Doctor Who USA Tour was a travelling exhibition which toured the United States from 1986 to 1987.

After several years in the planning this £2 million venture, a co-operation between Lionheart Television International (the BBC USA Distributors) and Monarch International (the BBC's US Exhibition and Promotions Agent) finally came to fruition with the this exhibition.

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The exhibition was primarily based within a 48 foot long truck trailer, with visitors walking through the length of the trailer. Both the entrance and exits were opened up and formed police box entrance/exits.

"They'll adore it. They get the chance to see and almost touch the actual props and costumes from the programme."Colin Baker[1]

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  • Bessie was on display on the outside of the trailer.

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  • The trailer used for the tour a 48 foot long trailer was too long to be legally driven on UK roads.
  • Following the press launch the truck was loaded onto a ship bound for the United Sates in May 1986, however it was damaged upon loading at the docks at Liverpool.
  • The tour served three functions, to thank the American fans for their support, to promote the television series and to be a commercial venue in its own right.
  • The exhibition was intended to run for two years (on the road for 3 days a week[1], sited for the rest at different venues), but ran short.
  • The trailer was damaged both on loading at the docks at Liverpool and also whilst on the road (due to in at least one case to a low bridge[3]).
  • The trailer was made by a firm called Vanplan in Warrington.
  • It was shipped into New York to begin the USA tour starting in Washington.

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