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Doctor Who The Vault was a reference book by Marcus Hearn. It gave a detailed behind-the-scenes look at fifty years of Doctor Who, from "An Unearthly Child" airing in 1963 to The Name of the Doctor in 2013.

Publisher's summary Edit

Treasures from the first 50 years. Drawing on unseen and iconic material from the BBC archive and private collectors, The Vault is an unforgettable journey through 50 years of Doctor Who, via carefully selected photographs, props, costumes designs, production memos, letters, scripts and more.

This is the full and official story of Doctor Who, from the first pre-production memos in 1963 to the most recent props created for the 2013 series, including interviews with key contributors and scores of prop photos, design sketches and behind the scenes stills from every decade of the show's production. Taking you year by year through the world's longest running science fiction series, Marcus Hearn explores the show's groundbreaking innovations as well as its impact on popular culture through books and comics, magazines and toys, merchandise and ephemera.

The Vault is a collector's dream and the ultimate celebration of Doctor Who.

Contents Edit

This lavishly illustrated large format hardback (with a padded cover), took a year-by-year approach to Doctor Who with many previously unpublished photographs. Steven Moffat's foreword touches on how Doctor Who has managed to permeate into the world which we live in, with a knowledge of the series and its icons reaching out to those that have never even seen the television series. The Vault builds on this, not only covering the series' development over 50 years but also merchandising, events, promotions, and adventures beyond the screen.

Notable features Edit

  • A foreword by Steven Moffat.
  • A wealth of images includes designs, merchandise, detailed prop/costume images and behind the scenes photographs.
  • This BBC hardback title with a laminated cover was priced £30.00 (UK).
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