You may be looking for IDW's 2010 Doctor Who Annual.

Doctor Who The Official Annual 2010 was, as opposed to the BBC-licensed Doctor Who Storybook 2010, the BBC-published annual publication supporting Doctor Who. Like most British annuals, it was actually published in the late summer of the year prior to the cover year. This is why it featured the Tenth and not the Eleventh Doctor. It was the final BBC annual to feature Tennant's Doctor — something which was a significant part of the marketing of the book.

Comic strip stories[]

Text stories[]

  • None


  • Who is The Doctor?, written by Moray Laing
  • The Children of Time... Where Are They Now?, written by Jonathan Green
  • The Next Doctor by Justin Richards
  • The Doctor and... Rose written by Moray Laing
  • Earth Invaders written by Jonathan Green
  • Planet of the Dead by Justin Richards
  • The Doctor and... Martha written by Moray Laing
  • Time And Relative Dimension in Space, written by Jonathan Green
  • Nightmare Creatures, written by Moray Laing
  • The Doctor and... Donna written by Jonathan Green
  • Alien Armies
  • The Doctor and... Captain Jack written by Jonathan Green
  • Time Lord Technology written by Jonathan Green
  • "All Hail the CyberKing!", written by Jonathan Green

Additional features[]

  • Puzzle: Crossword: Secrets of the Daleks!
  • Puzzle: Spot the Difference: Davros Detected!
  • Counter and Dice Game: Race Against Time
  • Quiz: Which Alien Are You?
  • Puzzle: Wordsearch: Cybermenace!
  • Puzzle: Wordpuzzle: Spellbreaker!
  • Game: 9 'Top Trump-style cards: Ultimate Alien Fighting Championship
  • Quiz: The Epic Tenth Doctor Quiz
  • Puzzle: Maze Escape from the Library!


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  • Designer: to be added
  • Frontispiece uses graphics by (not stated)

Additional notes[]

  • This release again followed the format (and success), of recent years, with two releases, the Doctor Who The Official Annual 2010 (published by BBC Children's Books) and the Doctor Who Storybook 2010 (published by Panini Comics). While the latter presented a series of short illustrated fiction stories, the former concentrated on the lighter side of activities, games, puzzles and once again this year, all new comic strip stories.
  • Released in the UK during the year of Doctor Who Specials which saw the Tenth Doctor travelling alone, the cover featured a large shiny foil cover with the Tenth Doctor on the front and the TARDIS on the back cover.
  • This annual had a price increase and a lower page count to that of the previous year's publication.
  • This annual had "The 10th Doctor's Last Annual!" on the back cover.
  • Individual page credits are given on the title page but are not extensively detailed.

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