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Doctor Who The Official Annual 2008 was published in 2007.


Release Number 2
Publisher BBC Children's Books,UK
Released 5 September 2007
ISBN: 978-1-4059-0355-4
Priced £6.99 (UK)
Format Hardback 62 pages
Featured Doctor: The Tenth Doctor
Featured Companions: Martha Jones
Featured Enemies: Various

Comic strip story[]

Illustrated by John Ross and coloured by James Offredi
Illustrated by John Ross and coloured by James Offredi

Text stories[]

Illustrated by ?

Informational narratives[]



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  • Frontispiece uses graphics by ??

Additional notes[]

The misspelling of Official

  • The first run of annuals was subject to a recall, prompting the need for a second run to be reprinted. Although no official reason was ever released, those printed in the first run featured the misspelt title The Offical Annual 2008 written on their spines.
  • This years release repeated the format (and success), of last year, with two releases the Doctor Who The Official Annual 2008 (published by BBC Children's Books) and the Doctor Who Storybook 2008 (published by Panini Comics). While the later presented a series of short illustrated fiction stories, the former concentrated on the lighter side of activities, games, puzzles and, this year all new, comic strip stories.
  • Released in the UK following the third television series (with Tenth Doctor) the cover featured a large lenticular cover that when tilted displayed the TARDIS in the background, the sonic screwdriver glowing and the logo glowing.
  • Content adds very little to what was already known and is very basic being aimed at young readers. Interestingly though is the fact that it includes a number of references from the classic series which are not illustrated in any way. These include Davros and Krynoid.
  • Included in the Dalek history regarding the Time War it states that "The Time Lords reached back into history for ever more terrible weapons, while the Daleks unleashed the Deathsmiths of Goth.". As well as having been mentioned on TV in passing the reference also ties in to an early Doctor Who Magazine comic strip story.
  • Individual page credits are given on the title page but are not complete.

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