The Doctor Who Storybook 2009 was published in 2008.

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Release Number 2
Publisher Panini, UK
Released in August 2008
ISBN: 978-1-184653-067-8
Priced £7.99
Format Hardback 78 pages
Featured Doctor: The Tenth Doctor
Featured Companions: Donna Noble
Featured Enemies: The Ice Warriors

Publisher's summary Edit

  • From the front cover:
Eight amazing new illustrated adventures for the Doctor and Donna! Featuring writers from the award-winning BBC One Series.
  • From the back cover:
Thilling Adventures in Time and Space!
Join the Doctor and Donna as the TARDIS travels to previously unseen times and places in this new collection of adventures, full of monsters, thrills and scares - and all lavishly illustrated in full colour! The time travellers face mythical beasts on a desert island in the company of Jason and the Argonauts, square up to a terrifying Ice Warrior in the wastes of the Arctic Circle, battle the cute-but-deadly denizens of a theme park gone mad, get tangled up in the mystery of the Bayeaux Tapestry, and try to prevent an entire planet from being kidnapped!

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  • None

Comic strip story Edit

Art by Rob Davis and colours with Gerraint Ford

Text stories Edit

Illustrations by Brian Williamson
Illustrations by Daryl Joyce
Illustrations by Ben Willsher
Illustrations by Daniel McDaid
Illustrations by Adrian Salmon
Illustrations by Jon Haward Colours by Nigel Dobbyn
Illustrated by Rob Davis

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Additional notes Edit

  • The Doctor Who Storybook 2008 followed the same successful format as in recent years.
  • So as not to make the Storybook any less "official" than the BBC's offering, the Storybook was allowed to use the BBC logo on the cover and a box stating "Published with permission of the BBC" was found on the back.
  • The introduction, by way of "A letter from the Doctor" is a direct lift from the first and very early issues of Doctor Who Weekly (as Doctor Who Magazine was formerly known as), even down to the Doctor's signature at the end. This time around the letter was as forwarded to the publisher by Steven Moffat the newest showrunner of the TV series.
  • The Storybook was issued with a dustcover that inside the front flap had a short piece updating "The Changing Face of Doctor Who", and in the back flap a short piece on each of the featured writers accompanied by a small photo.

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