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Doctor Who Quiz Book of Science was the fourth and final book in the Doctor Who Quiz Book line published in 1982 and 1983. The books feature original short stories that lead into quizzes based upon the subject matter of the particular book.

A further title, Doctor Who: Puzzle Book, was released in 1985.

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What did Isaac Newton do when his cat had kittens? Who had green eyes, bright red hair and invented the pendulum? Who hated organ-grinders and invented the computer? The Doctor and his companions Nyssa and Tegan take you back and forth thousands of years in time to meet some of the cleverest men who have ever lived. Become a famous scientist yourself! In this exciting quiz book you'll find mind-bending puzzles and simple scientific experiments to try your hand at — and astound your friends!

Michael Holt, author of the Doctor Who Quiz Books, has written well over 100 books, mostly for children. He has also appeared on his own Mathemagical show on BBC Television.

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  • In July 1985, Severn House issued a hardcover edition of the book for libraries, retitled Doctor Who Book of Science.
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