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Doctor Who Minecraft was the thirteenth episode of Season 1 of The Fan Show, released on the Doctor Who YouTube Channel.

Like other episodes of The Fan Show, it consisted entirely of a narrative story, though information about a real-life Doctor Who Minecraft project was conveyed through dialogue. Though bookended with sequences in the "real world" with a Christel of flesh and blood, most of the story was told in CGI Minecraft animation, making it one of the very few official CGI-animated Doctor Who stories, alongside The Infinite Quest and Dreamland.

Although it featured a trip in the Doctor's TARDIS, the story did not feature any incarnation of the Doctor as such; instead, Christel Dee herself displayed the ability to pilot the timeship (though not very well). However, one of the effects of the "Minecraftification" of the TARDIS control room was that upon entering, Christel found her body transformed into that of the Tenth Doctor, or, at least, a Minecraft version thereof, though her voice was unaffected. As such, this is, after a fashion, something like a Tenth Doctor story.


Christel Dee's attempt to go on holiday to Barcelona using the Doctor's TARDIS instead lands her in the Minecraft universe, where she luckily comes across a Doctor Who-themed rollercoaster and its makers.


In an airport, Christel Dee, in tourist's garb, heads for the Doctor's TARDIS (parked in a corner) and explains to the viewers of The Fan Show that she's off to some sunny holidays in Barcelona (the city, not the planet). As soon as she enters the TARDIS control room, however, she finds herself in a Minecraft version thereof, with her own body transformed into a Minecraft version of the Tenth Doctor's appearance. Rather put-out, Christel peeks out of the TARDIS again and confirms that she turns back to normal as soon as she steps out of the TARDIS. She remarks that "it's blockier on the inside".

After Christel accidentally presses the buttons switching on the telepathic circuits, she causes the TARDIS to tumble wildly through space, leading her to remark that she's "probably crashing". The panicking Earth-girl tries to ask the TARDIS herself to calm down, though she is unsure what to call her, successively calling her "Miss TARDIS", "Idris" and "Sexy". This has no effect, and she decides instead to "remember her Type 40 Operational Handbook", muttering that if she disables the etheric beam locator, the shield oscillators and the food machine, then diverts all the power to the temporal stabiliser and the thermocouplings, she should be able to land.

This succeeds, and when she checks the TARDIS scanner, she realises that she has landed on a somehow Minecraft-themed planet, Minecraftia . Since the scanner readings reassure her that there's oxygen, gravity and no radiation, she decides to take a look outside. When she steps out, she is first confronted with what appears to be the Capitol on Gallifrey in its prime, but then immediately realises that "she recognises this".

Indeed, she meets up with Nuro and River, two Minecraft YouTubers who are also present in "Minecraft humanoid" form and who explain that she has somehow ended up inside their Doctor Who-themed Minecraft roller-coaster. She asks them a few question about this amazing fan project before saying her goodbyes and returning to the TARDIS.

There, she's sulking, wondering how to "fix this", when she receives a call on the TARDIS screen by Ben, another YouTuber, of the channel A&V Artwork. Ben explains that he modeled half of this Minecraft control room in Minecraft in the first place, and then uploaded it as a new desktop theme to the real TARDIS's databanks. Something went wrong, however: due to a chronon link, the TARDIS's architecture created a temporal Chameleon Arch around Christel, remonitoring her dimensions to fit the Desktop — hence her transformation into a Minecraft Doctor. He then tells her how to fix it: a quick sonic blast created using her sonic screwdriver (Setting 1-7-8).

This succeeds, and, back where she started, Christel Dee walks out of the TARDIS, promising herself to take the budget airline after all. She runs after a taxi, leaving the TARDIS door to close by itself.