Doctor Who Magazine has, at times, bundled in a free disc of audio material for the purchaser, offering exclusive audio stories, interviews, and trailers for upcoming productions.


The FlexiDisc included in
DWM 167

The first experiment on including audio in the magazine was in DWM 167 in November 1990. The Magazine included a FlexiDisc -- a plastic sheet about 7 inches square, with 3 tracks of music:

  1. Mark Ayres - Terror in Totters Lane (music from Remembrance of the Daleks, published on the album Myths and Other Legends.
  2. Dominic Glynn - The Trial (excerpt), (music from The Trial of a Time Lord. This was to be published on the album Black Light II - The Remixes from Silva Records, but contractual issues stalled the album.
  3. The Slaves of Kane - Theme from Abslom Daak: Dalek Killer, an original composition by Dominic Glynn.

The offer was popular, but playing the FlexiDisc was problematic since it tended to slip on the turntable and would distort easily.

Big Finish CDs[]

Once Big Finish Productions started publishing new audio adventures, it was a natural fit to give away promotional discs with DWM. From 1999 to 2008, these discs typically offered exclusive audio stories and trailers for newly released discs, released roughly one per year.

# DWM issue Date Featuring Cover
1 279 November 1999 Talking 'Bout my Regeneration: interviews and behind the scenes of The Sirens of Time Talkin Bout My Regeneration cover.jpg
2 300 January 2001 Episode 1 of Storm Warning (edited)
Last of the Titans
trailers for current audio dramas
Last of the Titans cover.jpg
3 313 January 2002 The Ratings War
episode 1 of Invaders from Mars (edited)
The Ratings War cover.jpg
4 326 January 2003 No Place Like Home
episode 1 of Dalek Empire II: Dalek War (edited)
No Place Like Home cover.jpg
5 337 November 2003 Living Legend
behind the scenes of Zagreus
trailers for current audio dramas
Living Legend cover.jpg
6 351 December 2004 The Coup
Silver Lining
trailers for current audio dramas
The Coup and Silver Lining cover.jpg
7 367 March 2006 The Veiled Leopard
trailers for current audio dramas
The Veiled Leopard cover.jpg
8 380 March 2007 trailers for Season 1 of The New Eighth Doctor Adventures
interviews with Doctors 5, 6, 7, and 8
Eighth Doctor Interviews cover.jpg
9 393 March 2008 Cuddlesome
trailers for current audio dramas
episode 1 of The Mutant Phase (edited)

With the advent of the Internet, it became more cost effective to offer downloads instead of shipping physical CDs. Starting with the 2009 release The Mists of Time, promotional stories have only been offered via download.

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