Doctor Who Magazine's 2008 issues spanned from issue 390 to issue 402 and were published every four weeks by Panini Comics.

Beginning with the first issue of the year, the magazine underwent another redesign, now utilising the Doctor Who logo as it appeared on screen, rather than one that was more influenced by the design and lettering.

July's issue 397 featured a special cover on which the words had been replaced with "Bad Wolf" (mirroring the end of the television story Turn Left). This issue also gave away with each copy a title from Target Books' range of novelisations.

As in previous years, a CD produced by Big Finish Productions was included on the front of issue 393. Unlike the previous year's but like prior CDs, this included an original story, Cuddlesome starring Peter Davison as the Fifth Doctor and also an edited version of Part One of The Mutant Phase, a story from Big Finish Productions' main range of Doctor Who audio stories, which starred Peter Davison as the Fifth Doctor, Sarah Sutton as Nyssa and Nicholas Briggs as the Daleks. This was the final CD to be given away with the magazine. All future story give aways from Big Finish Productions would be in a downloadable format.

In the same manner as previous years, issue 398 featured four separate covers which could be pieced together to form one large panoramic photo. The first cover featured David Tennant, Catherine Tate, Jacqueline King and Bernard Cribbins. The second cover featured; Elizabeth Sladen and Tommy Knight. The third cover featured John Barrowman, Gareth David-Lloyd, Eve Myles and Freema Agyeman. The fourth cover featured Billie Piper, Noel Clarke, Camille Coduri and David Tennant.

Tom Spilsbury continued as editor of the magazine.

Throughout the year the cover price remained at three pounds 99 pence (£3.99) in the United Kingdom.