Doctor Who Magazine's 1998 issues spanned from issue 260 to issue 272 and were published every four weeks by Panini Comics, however covers were still branded with "Marvel Comics" logo.

Gary Gillatt continued to be editor of the magazine, Alan Barnes joined the editing role in December's issue 272 and continue to co-edit into 1999.

For all of this year's issues the cover price in the United Kingdom remained at three pounds (£3.00). Except for December's issue 272, it rose to three pounds twenty pence (£3.20), this issue celebrated Doctor Who's 35th anniversary, with a page count increase to 68 pages (usually the magazine had 51 pages), this issue also sported a shiny metallic-like finish to the magazine's cover. The following issue, however continued at £3.20 despite the drop in page count back to 51 pages.