Doctor Who Magazine's 1992 issues spanned from issue 182 to issue 194 and were published every fourth Thursday by Marvel Comics UK.

John Freeman was editor from issue 182 through to issue 185, with the following issue (issue 186) under the editorship of Gary Russell.

This was the first full year for the magazine to use the Doctor Who logo (often referred to as the "diamond logo") as the basis for the the magazine's logo.

This year marked the beginning of an ongoing free give away of post cards that were published with the magazine beginning with issue 184. These were a series of four post cards attached to the back of the magazine via a wraparound cardboard sleeve that covered a column width of the front of the magazine.

The magazine remained at its cover price of two pounds 25 pence (£2.25) from January's issue 182 through to 2nd September's issue 190. 30th September's Issue 191 cover price rose 25 pence to £2.50, it remained at this price for the rest of the year.

Issue DWM 182 was given the same cover date as the previous issue, 25 December 1991; this was a mistake as it was published after that issue and intended for a January cover date as DWM 183 indicate as having a cover date of 19 February 1992. It is listed here to reflect its intended cover date and on the 1991 magazine page to reflect its published cover date.