Doctor Who Magazine's 1991 issues spanned from issue 156 to issue 181 and were published every fourth Thursday by Marvel Comics UK.

John Freeman began as editor of the magazine this year, taking over from Sheila Cranna.

The first issue of this year, issue 169, was the last cover to use the "McCoy" era logo that was used on television for Sylvester McCoy's time as the Seventh Doctor. A similar logo's use on Virgin Publishing's Virgin New Adventures novel range began.

From January to May, issue 169 to issue 173 respectively the cover price of the magazine was one pound ninety five pence (£1.95) in the United Kingdom, it rose to two pounds twenty five pence (£2.25) with issue 174 which was marked "The TARDIS Special" on the cover. For issue 175 the price returned to £1.95 and remained a this price until issue 179 in October. For issue 180 (November) and issue 181 (December) the price rose back to £2.25.

Issue DWM 182 was given the same cover date as the previous issue; 25 December 1991, this was a mistake as it was published after that issue and intended for a January cover date as DWM 183 indicate as having a cover date of 19 February 1992. It is listed here to reflect its published cover date and on the 1992 magazine page to reflect its intended cover date.

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