Doctor Who Magazine's 1988 issues spanned from issue 132 to issue 143 and were published by Marvel Comics Ltd.

Sheila Cranna continued as editor of the magazine.

1988 was the first full year to feature two variations of the the Doctor Who logo for the magazine's titling/logo. It was based on the logo used for Sylvester McCoy's Seventh Doctor on television. From DWM 130 to issue 133 it was an orange and red styled logo. With April's issue 135 it became a slightly more colourful logo with a star field set behind the logo.

From January 1987 (issue 132) to July (issue 138) the cover price of the magazine remained at one pound (£1.00) in the United Kingdom.

With issue 139 in August it rose to one pound 25 pence (£1.25), it remained at this price for the rest of the year.

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