Doctor Who Magazine's 1987 issues spanned from issue 120 to issue 131 and were published by Marvel Comics Ltd.

Sheila Cranna continued as editor of the magazine.

In January 1987, issue 120 had a cover price of one pound 10 pence (£1.10) in the United Kingdom. As with previous issues the explanation appears to be touted on the cover "8 extra colour pages!" For February's issue 121, the cover price dropped back down to 85 pence in the United Kingdom. In June with issue 125 it rose to one pound (£1.00) cover price in the United Kingdom, before rising again to one pound 25 pence (£1.25) for issue 127 (once more "Extra Colour Pages" noted on the cover appears to be the reason). The price dropped back to 1 pound for issue 28 in September.

With November's issue 130 a new cover logo debuted, this logo based on the Doctor Who logo that came into use with the debut of Sylvester McCoy's Seventh Doctor. This particular style of logo was used until 1988's issue 134.

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