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Doctor Who Live: The Next Doctor was a live show that prepared the audience for the announcement of the Twelfth Doctor, Peter Capaldi. It was hosted by Zoe Ball.

Main subject[]

The live special focuses on the recasting of the Doctor and how various fans, prominent figures, actors and former companions involved with the series have all been impacted by the changing of the guard over the fifty years the show has been running.

Additional topics covered[]

  • Colin Baker compares Christopher Eccleston's portrayal of the Ninth Doctor as very much like his original vision of how he wanted to play the Sixth Doctor.
  • How Peter Capaldi was chosen as the new Doctor and his reaction when his agent told him the good news with the words, "Hello, Doctor?". Peter said he started laughing and hasn't stopped laughing ever since.
  • Matt Smith wishing the best of luck to Peter and that the role is "gonna be a thrill" when he takes over.

People interviewed[]

Rufus Hound interview[]

As part of his interview, comedian Rufus Hound made several errors whilst discussing Doctor Who. He called Christopher Eccleston "Peter Eccleston" (referring to Christopher's cousin), and stated that in The End Of Time, Wilfred Mott knocked three times instead of four. He later apologised, and blamed the errors on being "over excited" at appearing on the show. [1]