Doctor Who Greatest Moments: The Companions was the second episode of the original Doctor Who Greatest Moments series.

Topics covered Edit

  • Do you remember the first time?
  • It's bigger on the inside
  • Relationships
  • Family ties
  • Saving the day
  • Keeping him real
  • Leaving The Doctor

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Music list Edit

to be added

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Home video releases Edit

The complete Doctor Who Greatest Moments mini-series was included as a bonus feature on the DVD release of the animated story Dreamland, released in the UK on 1 February 2010. A North American edition of Dreamland, also including Doctor Who Greatest Moments, was released on 5 October 2010, after initially being announced for release on 4 May[1]. As the documentary was not broadcast outside the UK, this is its first availability in North America.

The DVD packaging notes that "for contractual reasons music edits have been made to Doctor Who Greatest Moments".

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