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The Doctor Who Game Maker was released on the BBC website in 2015.

It features the first appearance of the Master, now Missy), in a video game since Destiny of the Doctors in 1999. Similarly, the Weeping Angels make their second appearance in a video game after The Mazes of Time expansion level Angels in the Shadows. The Sontarans, Cybermen, Cybermats, and Daleks all reappear from various games, including the immediately previous the Doctor and the Dalek in 2014.

The Judoon also reappear, but not as an enemy. The player may play as the Doctor, Clara, or a Judoon.

Like Legacy, the Game Maker is updated every series. Colony Sarff, from the Magician's Apprentice and the Witch's Familiar, was added 5 days after it's release date, and is the first update from series 9. The Mire were also added as an enemy after the airing of the Girl Who Died.


TARDIS systems booting... Game making software initializing...


A Sontaran shows an unseen person to the Game Maker and sets the person up to make a game through the TARDIS systems for "the glory of the Sontaran Empire". After he has given a tutorial, he gives the person the freedom to create more games.


Sontaran - Dan Starkey


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