Doctor Who Files 2: Rose the second book in the Doctor Who Files range.

Publisher's summary Edit


Who is the Rose? Find out all about the Doctor's companion, her friends, enemies, home planet and travels, then join her in A Stamp of Approval.

Main focus Edit

  • Aimed at younger readers and testing their reading comprehension every few pages with fold-out "Test your Knowledge" pages (a series of five multiple choice questions), each title in the Doctor Who Files series focused on a character or topic from the television series and was fully illustrated with colour photographs throughout and included a new short prose adventure.

Contents Edit

Meet Rose

Rose Data
Rose Anatomy
Test Your Knowledge

Friends and Family

The Doctor
Mickey Smith
Jackie and Pete
Captain Jack
Test Your Knowledge

Enemies and Rivals

The Daleks
The Cybermen
The Slitheen
Test Your Knowledge

No Place Like Home

The Earth
Travels Through Time
Test Your Knowledge

Transport and Technology

Bad Wolf
Jack's Gadgets
Mobile Phone
Test Your Knowledge

Adventures at Home

Test Your Knowledge

Test Your Knowledge Answers

New fiction Edit

Notes Edit

  • Each title in the series was priced £5.99 (UK).
  • Print run: to be added
  • The NASA credited photographs of the Earth, Moon and Astronaut are on pages 18, 19 and not as stated in the credits on pages 20, 21.

Credits Edit

  • Main Writer Jacqueline Rayner
  • Series editor: not stated
  • Series Designer: not stated
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