You may be looking for The Doctor Who File.

The Doctor Who Files were a series of hardback titles from BBC Children's Books published by the Penguin Group from 2006 to 2008.

All of the titles in this range have a hexagonal cut out in the cover, through which can be seen the featured character (or topic) on the inside page. They are numbered on the spine. Aimed at young readers, each title is lavishly illustrated with photographs and broken down into small sections of text under various heading with every other page (almost), having a gate-fold (fold out page) "Test your Knowledge" sections of five multiple choice questions based on the preceding prose. Every title in this series featured a new short prose story.

All fourteen issues were collected in The Doctor Who Files Collector's Edition. The short stories were collected in The Doctor Who Stories, as well as Speech Day, a short story original to that collection. Most of the stories were also reprinted in the 2015 omnibus paperback Heroes and Monsters Collection. Only Speech Day wasn't published in the Heroes and Monsters Collection.

An additional story, Speech Day by Justin Richards featuring the Master, was not printed in this book series, but was later included as a bonus in the Doctor Who Stories omnibus.

Original short stories[]

# Title Author Featuring Printed in Released
1 The Hero Factor Stephen Cole Tenth Doctor, Rose Tyler Doctor Who Files 1: The Doctor 8 June 2006
2 Stamp of Approval Jacqueline Rayner Doctor Who Files 2: Rose
3 No Fun at the Fair Tenth Doctor, Rose Tyler, Slitheen Doctor Who Files 3: The Slitheen
4 The Final Darkness Stephen Cole Tenth Doctor, Rose Tyler, Mickey Smith, Harriet Jones, Sycorax Doctor Who Files 4: The Sycorax
5 Taking Mickey Justin Richards Mickey Smith Doctor Who Files 5: Mickey 5 October 2006
6 A Dog's Life K9, Tenth Doctor, Sarah Jane Doctor Who Files 6: K9
7 Mission to Galacton Daleks Doctor Who Files 7: The Daleks
8 Going Off the Rails Cyberman Doctor Who Files 8: The Cybermen
9 Needle Point Tenth Doctor, Martha Jones Doctor Who Files 9: Martha 30 August 2007
10 Best Friends Jack Harkness Doctor Who Files 10: Captain Jack
11 Birth of a Legend Cult of Skaro, Dalek Emperor, Mechanoids Doctor Who Files 11: The Cult of Skaro
12 The Secret of the Stones Tenth Doctor, Martha Jones Doctor Who Files 12: The TARDIS
13 Blind Terror Sontarans, Rutan Hosts Doctor Who Files 13: The Sontarans 3 July 2008
14 Disappearing Act Tenth Doctor, Donna Noble, Ood Doctor Who Files 14: The Ood