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Doctor Who Discovers: The Conquerors was published by Target Books. Its release date was 16 February 1978.

Publisher's summary Edit

Dr Who encounters some of the most adventurous — and hardiest — characters in history as he journeys through time to meet the Conquerors. Not surprisingly the Doctor becomes mixed up in a few adventures himself as he witnesses Julius Caesar's invasion of Britain, Napoleon's triumph at the battle of Austerlitz and Hannibal's crossing of the Alps.

Dr Who Discovers The Conquerors is one of a new series of illustrated Dr Who books. Watch out for other titles of Dr Who's journeys of discovery.

Subject matter Edit

  • The Doctor and the TARDIS take the reader on a voyage of discovery.

Notable features Edit

  • Each title included a pull-out stapled poster featuring the cover artwork by Jeff Cummins.
  • Contents (fully illustrated articles on each topic)
Alexander the Great
Julius Caesar
Charlemagne the Great
Richard the Lionheart
Sir Francis Drake
Simon Bolivar

Notes Edit

Credits Edit

  • Series editor: Fred Newman
  • Series Designer: Frank Ainscough
  • Cover Artwork:
  • Internal Photographs: BBC Photographic Library
  • Internal illustrations: The Mansell Collection
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