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Doctor Who Discovers: Strange and Mysterious Creatures was published by Target Books. Its release date was 20 April 1978.

Publisher's summary Edit

During the course of his adventures Dr. Who has met many strange forms of life. Now the Doctor discovers that there are mysterious creatures living here on Earth which, in their way, are just as extraordinary.

In Dr. Who Discovers Strange and Mysterious Creatures he encounters flying squirrels, weird fish like the silver hatchet, and the piratical frigatebird among many others.

The Doctor also encounters some legendary beasts such as the mighty King Kong and the dreaded vampire, Dracula!

This is another title in a new series of illustrated Dr. Who books. So watch out for more of the Doctor's voyages of discovery.

Subject matter Edit

  • The Doctor and the TARDIS take the reader on a voyage of discovery.

Notable features Edit

  • Each title included a pull-out stapled poster featuring the cover artwork by Jeff Cummins.
  • Contents (double-paged spreads) on each topic
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Notes Edit

  • This is the fifth and final book in the Doctor Who Discovers series. Further instalments of the series had been planned, but were cancelled due to poor sales.
  • While the previous books in the series had print runs of 40,000 copies, this book had a reduced print run of 10,140 copies.

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