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Doctor Who Discovers: Space Travel was published by Target Books. Its release date was 17 November 1977.

Publisher's summary Edit

On a chance visit to Earth Dr. Who discovers, much to his surprise, that the space-age has begun. In Dr Who Discovers Space Travel the Doctor traces the exciting story of the first astronauts, from Yuri Gagarin, the first man in space, to the historic Moon landings.

And of course, there's a look at the future, too, as the Tardis hops into the 21st Century. Watch out for more titles in this series of illustrated Dr. Who books.

Subject matter Edit

  • The Doctor and the TARDIS take the reader on a voyage of discovery.

Notable features Edit

  • Each title included a pull-out stapled poster featuring the cover artwork by Jeff Cummins.
  • Contents (Fully illustrated articles on each topic)
In the Beginning
Apollo Mission
Viking on Mars
The Future

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