Doctor Who Classics Volume 3 was the third issue of Doctor Who Classics. It was published by IDW Publishing and released in May 2009.

Publisher's summary

Industry legend Grant Morrison (Final Crisis) penned a number of Doctor Who strips in the late '80s featuring the sixth and seventh Doctors, and this book collects them all. The black-and-white art of Bryan Hitch and John Ridgway has been coloured for the first time by Charlie Kirchoff. Included here are Changes, Culture Shock! and The World Shapers.

Also collected here are the first three issues of the second series of Doctor Who Classics, which presents newly coloured stories drawn by Dave Gibbons (Watchmen). Joining Gibbons are Steve Moore for The Life Bringer, War of the Words, and Spider-God and Steve Parkhouse for The Deal, End of the Line, and The Free-Fall Warriors, all featuring the Fourth Doctor.

Comic stories

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