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You may be looking for Doctor Who Classics.

Doctor Who Classic Comics was a magazine published by Marvel Comics as a sister publication to Doctor Who Magazine. It was launched in 1992 by Marvel UK as collections of strips from earlier tie-in titles, including TV Comic, Countdown and TV Action and, later, strips from Doctor Who Weekly and Doctor Who Monthly. John Freeman, an editor of Doctor Who Magazine, had negotiated the purchase of publishing rights to all of these comic strips.



A few issues included telesnaps features, publishing off-air images from missing-presumed-wiped Doctor Who TV stories from the 1960s at the same time that Doctor Who Magazine also ran telesnap features. The magazine also featured articles related to all the Doctor Who comic strip stories, including interviews, listings and a detailed listing feature as well as a small mention of current news and events. Early issues included posters.

Current rights[]

The publishing rights are now held by Panini, who bought the assets of Marvel UK in the 1990s and still publishes Doctor Who Magazine. Although the title republished the Daleks strip from TV Century 21, those strip rights still rest with Express Newspapers.

Other information[]

A special issue, Doctor Who Classic Comics Autumn Holiday Special, was published midway through the magazine's run. It featured the first (and, until the publication of the graphic novel of the same name in 2016, only) complete publication of the DWM strip Evening's Empire, which had been discontinued after the first chapter had been published, due to production problems. The reference work Howe's Transcendental Toybox (2nd ed.) categorises this issue as a graphic novel.