The Doctor Who Annual 2006 was released in September 2005.

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Release Number 1
Publisher Panini, UK
Released in September 2005
ISBN 1-904419-73-9
Priced £6.99
Format Hardback 62 pages
Featured Doctor:the Ninth Doctor
Featured Companions: Rose Tyler
Featured Enemies: to be added

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  • With the new series on television proving such a success, it was not surprising that 2005 also saw the return of the Doctor Who annual.
  • Once again the license to publish the title was picked up by the publishers of Doctor Who Magazine, with Panini Comics having now taken over the title and rights from Marvel UK.
  • The Annual was the usual mix of comic strip, text, features and puzzles and was a great success in publishing terms: so successful, in fact that by the following year two titles were released that fit the definition of Annuals (i.e. a hardback book, published around September and intended for the Christmas merchandising market, with a limited shelf life and often, but not necessarily, year dated on the cover).
  • The following year would see the publication of the Doctor Who The Official Annual 2007, published by BBC Books and the Doctor Who Storybook 2007, published by Panini. While the latter presented a series of short illustrated fiction stories, the former concentrated on the lighter side of activities, games, puzzles and a reprinted comic strip story from Doctor Who Adventures, and was aimed at a younger audience.
  • Russell T Davies' contributions to this Annual are significant. As well as offering a full biography of Rose Tyler, Russell gives an overview of the Ninth Doctor and perhaps more significantly, his involvement in the Last Great Time War and its legend.

On the planet Crafe Tec Heydra, is a mountain, on the side of which is a crude record of an invisible War. Told in carvings and hieroglphs, it tells of two warring races (one flesh, the other metal), a fearsome explosion, and a solitary stranger walking away from the wreckage. Beneath the stranger is a phrase scratched in stone that translates as: 'You are not alone'!Russell T Davies

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