Doctor Who Annual 1986 was the twentieth and final Doctor Who annual published by World Distributors. It was released in August 1985.

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Release Number 20
Publisher World Distributors
Released in August 1985
Priced £3.25
Format Hardback 64 pages
Featured Doctor: The Sixth Doctor
Featured Companions: Peri
Featured Enemies: The Master

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  • Unusually, at the expense of new content, this annual featured three full-page colour publicity shots of the Sixth Doctor taken at his costume launch, showing him with the TARDIS, fishing and with a multi-coloured umbrella (hastily provided to protect the costume from rain during the photocall).
  • This was to be the last of the regular annuals published by World Distributors.
  • Both John Nathan-Turner and the publishers, World Distributors, had become increasingly frustrated with each other, along with the show's 18-month hiatus (resulting in no new Doctor Who on television) and a reported decline in sales the previous year. The decision was reached that the license to publish the Doctor Who Annual would not be renewed.
  • World Distributors did publish a further bumper sized volume (entitled Doctor Who Special: Journey Through Time), which featured reprinted pages from previous annuals and The Amazing World of Doctor Who book. This was similar to their earlier Adventures in Time and Space volume.
  • It was to be many years before there was another Doctor Who annual. It was not published by World Distributors.
  • For five of the in-between years (1991-1995) Marvel UK (publishers of Doctor Who Magazine) published a regular Doctor Who Yearbook which followed a format similar to the annuals, offering a mix of text stories, comic strip stories and features. These were significantly different from annuals in one respect. They did not review the year in question. Instead, they offered a mix of stories from every Doctor's era.
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