Doctor Who Annual 1983 was the seventeenth Doctor Who annual published by World Distributors. It was released in August 1982.

Overview Edit

Release Number 17
Publisher World Distributors
Released in September 1982
Priced £2.50
Format Hardback 64 pages
Featured Doctor: The Fifth Doctor
Featured Companions: Adric, Nyssa and Tegan
Featured Enemies: The Master

Contents Edit

Text stories Edit

Comic strip story Edit

Features Edit

  • Our Neighbours in Space
  • Behind the Scenes: Visual Effects
  • Enter Peter Davison as Dr Who
  • Coming in to Land
  • What is a Light Year?
  • Behind the Scenes: The Producer
  • Behind the Scenes: The Set Designer
  • Thaw for 25,000 Years
  • Will Our Sun Always Shine?
  • To the Far Planets
  • Black Holes

Puzzles Edit

  • A Problem for You

Additional notes Edit

  • This annual featured a number of behind the scenes features for the first time that included several previously unseen photographs taken from Castrovalva and the Fifth Doctor's costume design.
  • The inclusion of not one but all three of the Doctor's current companions further indicated John Nathan-Turner's influence and attempt to make the annuals more tied-in to the television series than they had previously been.

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