Doctor Who Annual 1982 was the sixteenth Doctor Who annual published by World Distributors. It was released in August 1981.

Overview Edit

Release Number 16
Publisher World Distributors
Released in September 1981
Priced £2.25
Format Hardback 64 pages
Featured Doctor: The Fourth Doctor and the Fifth Doctor
Featured Companions: Adric and K9
Featured Enemies:

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Text stories Edit

Comic strip story Edit

Features Edit

  • The Planets
  • Secrets of the TARDIS
  • This 'n' That
  • The Big Bang Theory
  • Space Shorthand
  • Star Gazing at the London Planetarium
  • The Mysteries of Meteorites
  • Keeping a Watch on Space
  • The Deadly Grapefruit

Puzzles Edit

  • Cosmic Quiz

Additional notes Edit

  • The photographic material of the Fourth Doctor used on the cover was from Full Circle, with that of the Fifth Doctor being taken from the 1930s/1950s-set veterinary drama series All Creatures Great and Small (1978-1990), in which Peter Davison appeared as Tristan Farnon.
  • The Fifth Doctor's likeness, used sparingly throughout this annual (which appeared on the market after the broadcast of Logopolis), only showed face and head shots.
  • At the time of this release, the Fifth Doctor's costume had not yet been made public, and images used were mainly taken from Peter Davison's work on All Creatures Great and Small, on which he had sported a 1930s/1950s short-back-and-sides haircut.
  • This was the first annual to include two Doctors following the on-screen regeneration of the Fourth Doctor at the end of Season 18.
  • A PDF version of the annual was included as a bonus feature on the 2007 DVD box set New Beginnings; it was repeated on each of the three discs for the stories The Keeper of Traken, Logopolis and Castrovalva, as these discs were also released separately.

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