The 1968 Dr Who Annual was the third Doctor Who annual to be released, and the first to feature the Second Doctor. It was unusually anachronistic upon publication. Despite being released after the arrival of Victoria Waterfield on television, it featured the TARDIS team that existed for only one serial about a year before — that of the Second Doctor, Ben and Polly. It was released in September 1967.



# Title Type Featuring Read by
1 The Sour Note Short story Ben, Polly Anneke Wills
2 The Dream Masters None
3 The Tests of Trefus Comic N/A
4 The Word of Asiries Short story None
5 Only a Matter of Time Ben, Polly
6 Planet of Bones
7 When Starlight Grows Cold
8 World Without Night Comic N/A
9 H.M.S. TARDIS Short story None
10 The King of Golden Death Anneke Wills


  • Travels of the Tardis
  • Test from Tardis
  • Lost...Dr. Who
  • Back to the Tardis
  • All set for Take Off?


  • Aiming of the Moon
  • The Phoenix in the TARDIS
  • Space Dictionary
  • Men Who Made History
  • Peephole at Space-Target One
  • A Skyful of Saucers
  • The Sky at Night
  • The Solar System
  • The Lost Continent of Atlantis
  • Time and Time again
  • Star Facts


Stories and drawings weren't individually credited, except that Kevin McGarry was credited for his factual article, "Aiming for the Moon". Instead, credits were given collectively on the contents page, thus:

  • Stories and features by: K. McGarry, J. L. Morrissey, J. H. Pavey, M. Broadley, J. W. Elliot and Colin Newstead
  • Illustrations by: Walter Howarth, David Brian, Susan Aspey, and Peter Limbert.

It is also possible that Ron Smethurst contributed some illustrations, as well, though no formal credit was given him.

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