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Following the success of the Radio Times 10th Anniversary Doctor Who special, a feature-heavy 20th Anniversary special was published with new fiction Birth of a Renegade.


  • In the beginning:
How it all began...
  • The Five Doctors:
William Hartnell
Patrick Troughton
Jon Pertwee
Tom Baker
Peter Davison
  • The Companions:
Complete A-to-Z guide
Time Lord of Evil
  • The fans:
At home and abroad
  • The aliens:
Meet the Monsters
  • Behind the scenes:
Who's who behind Doctor Who
  • Merchandising:
The goodies you can buy
  • New adventure:
Birth of a Renegade by Eric Saward Illustrated by Mark Thomas
  • Competition:
Win a day out with Doctor Who / The missing episodes
  • A 20-year voyage:
The complete history of Doctor Who by Ian Levine
  • Woddis On:
Five against the fiends (by Radio Times poet Roger Woddis)

Additional features[]


  • Editor: Brian Gearing
  • Art Editor: Brian Thomas
  • Picture Research: Pat Carthy
  • Special Photography: Don Smith
  • Feature articles provided by Gay Search

Additional details[]

  • On the back of the issue is a picture of a blue Dalek with silver spheres and slats from the Madame Tussauds' Doctor Who exhibition.
  • Released prior to broadcast of The Five Doctors and the Fifth Doctor's final season (introducing the Sixth Doctor), the upcoming stories are mentioned, the Sixth Doctor played by Colin Baker is pictured in publicity shots following his appointment (i.e. not yet in costume).
  • The list of missing episodes is omitted from the contents filling a page with the Doctor Who competition.
  • The Doctor Who competition (shown on the cover of the UK version), to win a all-expenses paid day at the BBC to meet the Doctor Who stars, and be shown around- including studio filming, joining the Doctor for lunch. There were 10 questions and a tie-breaker “I would like to spend a day with Doctor Who because...”. The competition was only open to UK residents.
  • There were cover variations for Australia and the USA editions.
  • A PDF copy of the magazine is available to view on the Enlightenment Special Edition DVD release.

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The BBC's official Radio Times website with an increasing amount of Doctor Who content including archive material