Doctor Who: Original Television Soundtrack: The Day of the Doctor / The Time of the Doctor was a soundtrack CD. It featured soundtrack music from the Doctor Who episodes The Day of the Doctor and The Time of the Doctor by Murray Gold, with music conducted by Ben Foster with the BBC National Orchestra of Wales.

Track listing Edit

01. I.M. Foreman
02. Will There Be Cocktails?
03. It's Him (The Majestic Tale)
04. He Was There
05. No More
06. The War Room
07. Footprints in the Sand
08. Who Are You
09. England 1562
10. Nice Horse
11. The Fez and the Portal
12. Two Doctors
13. Three Doctors
14. Somewhere to Hide
15. Rescue the Doctor
16. 2.47 Billion
17. Zygon in the Painting
18. Man and Wife
19. We Don't Need to Land
20. We Are The Doctors
21. The Moment Has Come
22. This Time There's Three of Us (The Majestic Tale)
23. Song for Four / Home
01. The Message
02. Handles
03. The Dance of the Naked Doctor
04. You Saved It
05. Papal Mainframe
06. Tasha Lem
07. Bedroom Talk
08. The Mission
09. Christmas
10. The Crack
11. Rhapsody of War
12. Back to Christmas
13. Snow Over Trenzalore (Song for Four)
14. Beginning of the End
15. This is How it Ends
16. Never Tell Me The Rules
17. Trenzalore / The Long Song / I Am Information[1] (Reprise)
18. Hello Twelve

Notes Edit

  • This release contains a large number of tracks that were replaced by existing pieces, mainly between Disc 1 and the aired version of The Day of the Doctor. Notably, the version of "Song for Four" from Disc 1 eventually made its on-screen debut in TV: Deep Breath during the Eleventh Doctor's phone call to Clara. Furthermore, the track "We Are the Doctors" from Disc 1 (intended for use in the scene where the Doctors break into the Black Archive in The Day of the Doctor) received its debut in TV: The Zygon Invasion.
  • Missing from the soundtrack is the new "anniversary" version of the Doctor Who theme heard during the end credits of The Day of the Doctor. This soundtrack would also logically be the last opportunity to release the version of the theme introduced in The Snowmen and used for the remainder of the show's seventh series. As of 2018, neither version of the show's theme has seen a commercial release.
  • Although Track 17 is called Trenzalore/The Long Song/I Am Information (Reprise), the pieces "The Long Song" and "I Am Information" are not actually part of the arrangement. The pieces in the arrangement are actually "Trenzalore", "Infinite Potential" and "My Silence".

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