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Doctor Who (TV: Remembrance of the Daleks, Everything Changes) was a BBC science fiction series first broadcast at 5:15 pm on Saturday 30 November 1963. (TV: Remembrance of the Daleks, PROSE: Who Killed Kennedy)

The show followed the character of Doctor Who (PROSE: Salvation) who travelled with his associates in the TARDIS. (TV: In the Forest of the Night) As well as Doctor Who, the main character also appeared in several other pieces of work such as two films featuring Daleks including Daleks: Invasion Earth and a 1980 science fiction film Prey for a Miracle. In all films the character was portrayed by Peter Cushing. (PROSE: A Visit to the Cinema, Salvation, The Day of the Doctor, We Are the Enemy)

The show was, in part, based on the Doctor's adventures. Indeed, some of the Doctor's companions or the Doctor themselves wrote contributions to the Doctor Who mythos. (PROSE: Moving On, AUDIO: The Kingmaker) The Doctor was personal friends with Cushing, whom he even lent his coat for the part. UNIT stored VHS tapes of the two Dalek films in the Black Archive which the Tenth and Eleventh Doctors both enjoyed whilst there. (PROSE: The Day of the Doctor)

History Edit

Remembrance Who

Doctor Who is introduced for the first time. (TV: Remembrance of the Daleks)

In 1963, a TV announcer introduced the first episode. Ace had the television on in Mrs Smith's house but rushed out of the room in time to only hear the first syllable of the name. (TV: Remembrance of the Daleks)

From 19 September to 24 October 1964, a six-part story entitled The Outlaws was first broadcast. The six episodes were titled: "The Deserted Castle", "The Thief of Sherwood", "The Alchemist", "Errand of Mercy", "Ransom" and "A Guest For the Gallows". Episodes 3 and 5 were missing but still existed as off-air recordings. It had the production code "I". It was written by Godfrey Porter and directed by Patrick Whitfield. The guest cast included Archie Duncan as Little John, Ronald Hines as Will Scarlet, Frank Thornton as the Sheriff of Nottingham, Anneke Wills as Maid Marion, Milton Johns as Peddler, Carl Bernard as a villager, and Ivor Colin as a man-at-arms. William Russell played Robin Hood.

While doing an alchemy demonstration for the Sheriff in Episode 3, the Doctor nearly blows himself up while mixing chemicals, leaving him absent for two episodes while William Hartnell recovered from a short illness.

At this time, Doctor Who received coverage in such publications as Doctor Who Magazine, Radio Times, A Celebration and The Television Companion. Godfrey Porter also wrote a novelisation of the serial for Target Books. (PROSE: The Thief of Sherwood)

When the Doctor was working for UNIT in the 20th century, he published a series of educational books under the banner Doctor Who Discovers, although the intended title was The Doctor, Who Discovers. He completed work on five books in the series but left the sixth unfinished until a robot sent by publishers from the 64th century invaded his TARDIS to remind the Fifth Doctor of his contractual obligation. The sixth book was entitled Doctor Who Discovers Historical Mysteries and featured the Fourth Doctor on the cover. (AUDIO: The Kingmaker)

From 1994 to 2003, Sarah Jane Smith published works in her Doctor series which was composed of short stories and novels adapted from her adventures with the Doctor. The short stories were published by the Metropolitan and included Operation Golden Age in January 1994, Irongron's Star in August 1995, Exxilon in February 1996, Return to Peladon in April 1996, Eightlegs in July 1997, The Destructors in November 1997 and A Girl's Best Friend in March 2003. The novels were published by Virgin Publishing and included Noah's Ark in 1997, More than Human in 1997, Dalek Dawn in 1998, Return to the Ark in 1998, Terror of the Loch in 1998, Forbidden Matter in 1999, A Gift of Death in 1999, The Kraal Invasion in 1999, The Seeds of Doom in 2000, Solon's Brain in 2000, Death Masque in 2001 and A Hand through Time in 2001. (PROSE: Moving On)

In 2007, a poster advertising a Doctor Who exhibition could be seen in Cardiff. (TV: Everything Changes)

In 2008, a space portal opened up between the Doctor's TARDIS and the Royal Albert Hall during the Proms. Through the hole, the Tenth Doctor passed sheet music for his new composition, "Ode to the Universe", to the orchestra. He then asked the orchestra to play the song, and for Ben Foster to step down in favour of the Doctor's conduct of the orchestra himself using his sonic screwdriver. A Graske snuck through the portal, armed with the Doctor's water pistol with which he threatened Foster, the orchestra, and the audience. He was pulled back from Albert Hall, into the TARDIS, when the Doctor reversed the polarity of the neutron flow. The audience were told by the Doctor to listen to the music inside of them before he closed the hole and left.

The Doctor visits the Proms

The Doctor visits the Proms. (TV: Music of the Spheres)

The Doctor seemed unaware the event was actually a Doctor Who at the Proms. A replica of the TARDIS with the words "Bad Wolf" next to it stood behind the orchestra and at least one audience member held a toy Dalek made from balloons. (TV: Music of the Spheres)

By the 2010s Cushing had been replaced as the lead actor. When the Earth became overgrown with trees a London bus had an advertisement for Doctor Who on its side. It featured the TARDIS and individuals closely resembling the Twelfth Doctor and Clara Oswald. An unknown source rated the show four stars out of five commenting "A-MAZE-ING ENTERTAINMENT!". (TV: In the Forest of the Night)

In 2102, Zoe Heriot began writing stories based on the adventures of the Doctor. She began with The Dominators - Episode 1. (PROSE: Dream a Little Dream for Me)

In an alternate timeline, circa 2493, Vicki Pallister novelised some of her adventures with the First Doctor, for example she had works published titled Vicki and the Crusaders and Vicki and the Space Museum. She also wrote about the time she and Steven Taylor first met. (AUDIO: The Crash of the UK-201)

In 2596, Chris Cwej and Clarence watched re-runs of a show that lasted thirty years and consisted largely of the main characters running up and down corridors and being captured. (PROSE: Twilight of the Gods)

Behind the scenes Edit

Bus advert

The fan-made poster used on the bus in In the Forest of the Night.

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