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Doctor Who (IDW) originally referred to just one title: Doctor Who (2008). However, IDW have since published several titles, all of which can in some sense be said to be "Doctor Who (IDW)". Thus, Doctor Who (IDW) may refer to any one of a number of comic book titles published in the United States. This list seeks to distinguish titles precisely by their indicia titles, according to the custom of American comic book cataloguers.

Named simply Doctor Who Edit

Reprint magazines Edit

*Also listed as Series III and Series IV, respectively, in the indicia.

Miniseries and one-shots Edit

All of the following had indicia titles other than simply Doctor Who:

Starring the Tenth Doctor Edit

Starring the Eleventh Doctor Edit

Anniversary publications Edit

Annuals Edit

Stories/Art by Jonathan Davis, Kelly Yates, Al Davison, Matthew Dow Smith and Tony Lee.

Stories/Art by Joshua Hale Fialkov, Blair Shedd, Matthew Dow Smith, Mitch Gerads, Dan McDaid, Tony Lee and Josh Adams.

Stories/Art by Len Wein, Richard Dinnick, Tony Lee, Matthew Dow Smith, Mitch Gerads, Andy Diggle, Mark Buckingham and Josh Adams.

The company itself Edit

  • IDW Publishing — an article which seeks to give a broad overview of the Doctor Who comic license at IDW.
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