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Doctor Who, or the Doctor, was a future incarnation of the Doctor.

Personality[edit | edit source]

The Doctor was a level-headed adventurer, who faced his enemy Crayola with dignity and defiance, in spite of her having the clear tactical advantage over him. Even in such dire situations, he scarcely ever stopped smiling, and effortlessly traded banter with even the direst and deadliest of enemies.

Biography[edit | edit source]

According to arch nemesis Crayola, this incarnation of the Time Lord known as the Doctor was over 1 million years old. He travelled with a young woman known as Fiona, of whom he appeared to be fond, calling her "my dear", though she did not seem to be of much help to him.

At one point in his galaxy-hopping adventures, the Doctor and Fiona were chased through a metallic base. Using some sort of red button on his coat, which acted like a sonic screwdriver, the Doctor opened a door into a nearby chamber for him and Fiona to hide in. This was a mistake, as they came across an old alien enemy of the Doctor's, Crayola.

The Doctor attempted to win time by bantering with Crayola, while instructing Fiona to carry out complex mechanical instructions that would presumably defeat the evildoer. However, Crayola called in three armored henchmen, one of whom fired a raygun at the Doctor. Though the Doctor appeared to be disintegrated, much to Fiona's horror, Crayola explained that she had not killed him, but "merely converted his megathump finities into negative cryptothons" (though neither Fiona nor the armored guard who had shot the Doctor knew what half these words meant). (NOTVALID: Doctor Who and Crayola)

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

  • Jim Broadbent portrayed another version of the Doctor in The Curse of Fatal Death, an alternate Eleventh Doctor. However, the two takes on the character are clearly different, both in costume and in portrayal.
  • This Doctor's costume appears to be a mix-and-match of costume elements from official incarnations of the Doctor — such as the Fourth Doctor's hat and hairstyle, the Fifth Doctor's question-mark-adorned high collar, and a portion of the Sixth Doctor's plaid coat.
  • Though the title of the sketch refers to him as "Doctor Who", the character is accurately referred as only "the Doctor" during the actual sketch.
  • This Doctor made the cover of DWM 274, illustrating an article on televised odds-and-ends such as parodies and crossovers, Doctor Who and Crayola among them.
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