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Image:DW_USA_23.jpg|[[Doctor Who (USA) Issue 23]] <BR>
Image:DW_USA_23.jpg|[[Doctor Who (USA) Issue 23]] <BR>
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Doctor Who was a monthly reprint publication published by Marvel Comics, re-printing Doctor Who Magazine comics stories featuring the Fourth and Fifth Doctors. It was published from October 1984 to August 1986 and priced $1.50.


Following the positive feedback to the Doctor's comic strip stories as featured in issues 57 through 60 of Marvel Premiere, a separate, "glossy format" title, rather than Marvel Premiere's traditional comic book format. The magazine reprinted the Doctor's comics adventures from Doctor Who Weekly and Monthly stories with new coloring (the original comics had appeared in black and white), new covers by original Doctor Who Weekly artist Dave Gibbons, new articles and features and a letter's column. It ran for 23 issues. Its first issue featured the first installment of The Star Beast featuring the Fourth Doctor. The series concluded with Lunar Lagoon featuring the Fifth Doctor and introducing Gus.

For the first 14 issues, the publication utilized a unique version of the Doctor Who logo which combined the "diamond" motif of the Fourth Doctor era with the lettering used from 1963-66. Beginning with issue 15, the comic switched to using the then-current "neon tube" logo of the Fifth Doctor.


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